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UPDATE AS 2/29/2024

So many off people try to step forward and show how Mayo Clinic are bullies. I wasn't the only one bullied. Check out the tweets below, and the links (multiple reports on them) I found on how Mayo Clinic Bullied others. Finding more people showing their price gouging methods. People showing Mayo Clinics ethics for awhile.

Mayo’s tactics show that bullying works

Let me start by saying that this is my experience with Mayo clinic through my eyes. These are my opinions and views. The statements below will all have documentation linked. I have no affiliation with the mayo clinic

Like the standard working American, I work multiple jobs. I work a 8 to 5 in the Automotive industry, day trade stocks the best I can, and flip domain names. In December 2023 I purchased and put it up for sale. Legally purchased it from Did mayo clinic want it? NO! They just did not want me to have it. Early February 2024 I was sent letters from lawyers threating Trademark infringement, Domain Squatting, Business Harm, and cyber crime. Now they do have a trademark on mayo clinic. I guess if you need a sandwich topping in a hospital you are fucked. I gave them domain and wrote it off as a loss. My problem was they did not even try to contact directly. The just went full bully big business (even though the are a "non profit" organization that makes billions in profit that gets tax breaks).

I decided i will then make sure people know what their ethics are. Which in my views are "fuck the little guy". Its one thing to need the domain, its another wanting someone to not have it. I guess right for free enterprise goes out the window when dealing with a non profit that pays off politicians (I mean lobbying) (2). Which leads me to a different aspect. How can anyone trust a billion dollar company that can secure a simple domain from the beginning. The fourth most common domain extension according to google (1) . If a guy that has been flipping domains for 8 months is smarter than their IT department, it brings questions. Now I suffer for insomnia. I had an incident a while back refuse to use drugs to sleep. I can not sleep most most nights. I chose to read and be productive with my time. So i have no problem calling them out. I will spend time every week digging up dirt on them.

I will not mention names....but here is some facts about Mayo Clinic CEO

Mayo CEO Makes More In One Hour Than Most People Make in 2 Weeks

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Doctor sues Mayo Clinic for efforts to ‘silence’ him, Mayo Clinic motions to dismiss claims

Mayo Clinic Executives Get Raises

Barnette v. Mayo Clinic Rochester For Mal Practice

Apparently they want to keep their shady doings under wraps

They are Currently under going a court case for trying to block free speech of one of their own doctors. Apparently tone of their doctors gave their view and they disagreed and wanted to remove his free speech. See stories below. Now in my opinion they pissed on the right for free enterprise with me and the right for free speech with their own doctors. What a crooked company.

Prominent Mayo Clinic physician sues, citing retaliation over media statements, whistleblowing report

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